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tv   ABC7 News at 900PM on KOFY  KOFY  December 19, 2012 9:00pm-10:00pm PST

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>> hail to the chi
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>> larry: good evening, larry beil. breaking news is in san mateo where evacuations are underway at this hour. volatile materials were found in the 400 block of parrot drive. the substances are being disposed of there is no danger to the community but they want nearby residents to shelter in place. we'll have more information and
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later tonight over on channel 7 at 11:00. >> south bay freeway that turned into a crime scene. authorities walked along the roadway looking for evidence after a driver reported his car was riddled by bullets near the steechblts creek interchange. it forced investigators to shut down highway 85 for more than an hour. the driver of the car a marine corps officer was able to pull into the parking lot. sky7hd shows three bullet holes in a government ironed pontiac along with two shattered windows. he called 911 to report the shooting. that triggered a massive response by the highway patrol and santa clara sheriff's office the southbound lanes were shut down while a swarm of deputies combed the shoulders for any spent casings. it occurred after one in the afternoon and the lanes were reopened about two hours later. marine recruiter he was wearing a jacket over his uniform so
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they don't think he was intentionally targeted. >> he discovered he had been shot at more than once by someone who was on the freeway or on the side of the freeway. we haven't confirmed that yet. the marine corps officer was not injured yet. >> larry: the biggest challenge now for investigators is locate ago witness because they don't have a suspect description or even a vehicle used in the shooting. the sheriff's office is asking for the public's help in providing any details that might be helpful. >> police in san francisco are alerting residents in the south of market neighborhood about a registered sex offender who has moved into an apartment there. the he is 53-year-old david simons released after serving 24 months in prison. he has been convicted of sexual fences offenses going back to 1982. >> more than 5,000 people waited
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in the bitter cold to get a grocery bag of food. this is part of the grocery bag giveaway. amy hollyfield has more. >> the street had to be shut down to accommodate the people that were waiting for free bag of groceries. he has been doing this for 50 years. >> it was one block yesterday. >> the stories in the line vary. one man says it is his first time here and hopefully his last. >> i said i would do it. >> another veteran is on social security and 40% goes to his rent. >> i live on a real limited income. i just barely make it each month. >> workers say his story is becoming very common. the bulk of people they serve are seniors. >> it is just growing. it is just growing and a lot of
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us in the business, we call it the silver tsunami. >> many of the volunteers work for the gap, corporate sponsor that makes the giveaway possible. >> i love giving back to the people. >> then there are volunteers who are here on their own. >> it's something i thought about doing for years and haven't. it's time. i can't give money but i can give my time. >> she enjoyed it so much she signed up to volunteer six more times this month. >> it's great thing to do it. they didn't do this i wouldn't have a christmas. amy hollyfield, "abc 7 news". >> larry: on to the latest headlines from newtown, connecticut. four victims were buried today. paul simon sang at funeral of vicky soto. also, first graders and the
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school principal who was killed as she tried to stop the gunman in the early moments of attack. joe biden will be leading the push for stricter gun laws. we'll have more on the president's actions later on. today in oakland the community came together during a special mass for the victims. nick smith was there. >> archbishop and cathedral of price the light led the mass. they gathered to remember the victims and families touched by the school shooting in connecticut. >> as we reach for our brothers and sisters taken from us by a sudden and violent death. >> more than 200 listened for the need of prayer and looking for answers. >> a wreath in memory of sandy hook elementary was hung and names read aloud.
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those i spoke with they don't know the victims but it made them feel spiritedly connected. they were here to heal. >> encouragement to the family of those that lost their loved ones. just to know that god is still the head of our lives and faith does help us to put through our faith and that is why we came today. ♪ ♪ >> students from the catholic school not much older than the victims themselves, sang silent night, hoping that the theme and words will do just that to a community still feeling pain. ♪ >> nick smith, "abc 7 news." >> sales of bulletproof backpacks and body armor for children are now said to be soaring following the connecticut massacre.
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backpacks are lined with koevlar material. one business tells mother they have tripled their sales. if the website has crashed moi7 times because there are so many interested people. >> with chilling detail an investigation points to systemic failures that led to the terrorist attack in benghazi libya. it killed ambassador christopher stevens. his stepfather spoke by phone today. he said the report is upsetting because it reveals the nature of the decisions made and not made. it's triggered a shakeup at the state department with several resignations. >> how horrible the attack was, how heroic the fight to save lives, how heavy the loss. today, with this searing report we now know what could have been done to try to prevent it. the independent review cited failure after failure.
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security in benghazi it said was grossly inadequate. was not a high priority in washington where repeated requests for more security went unheeded. >> frankly the state department had not given benghazi the security, both physical and personnel resources, it needed. >> today three state department officials paid the price. resigning under pressure, eric boswell for diplomatic security, his deputy can charlene lamb responsible for embassy security and official from middle east affairs. hillary clinton responded to the reported by adopting every one of the 29 recommendations including more marine guards and asking for more than a billion dollars to increase security worldwide. but that has not silenced her critics. clinton is recovering from a serious concussion after she fainted from the effects of a
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stomach virus. a former u.n. ambassador is implying she is faking it. >> when you don't want to go to a meeting or conference or an event you have a diplomatic illness. this is diplomatic illness to beat the band. >> the state department was furious about that statement and strongly denied it. we have learned that hillary clinton will be testifying about benghazi in mid-january. >> larry: coming up, protecting your child's privacy online. a government law finally catches up to apps and social networks. also here tonight a bay area crime victim comes home from the hospital. vic lee follows up. >> i'm meteorologist sandhya patel. frosty cold night ahead. how low the temperatures will drop. and when rain will be returning to the bay area and you'll need
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those resign gear. >> and local business answers the call of the holiday sweet tooth. a made in america treated
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>> larry: in stanislaus county a marine is on mission after the shootings in connecticut. a young father wants to make sure the kids feel safe. >> he served two terms in iraq and one in afghanistan. the sergeant felt a new call to duty after watching the news last week. >> i'm tired of it. and marines stood in front of schools we would never had the connecticut shooting. >> i this is what the veteran did all day. parents and teachers dropped off coffee and refreshments and when parents were so emotional thanked him. >> when i came to pick up my youngest earlier it was relieving. >> even children found the best way to thank him. to stand guard over these kids
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for the next 30 days. >> larry: federal government is taking new steps to give parents greater control over the personal information that can be collected from pre-teens who are online. starting now a child's location as well as photos, videos and you'ds cannot be collected without a parent's permission. federal trade commission announced the new rules to ensure that children's online privacy protection acts keeps pace with evolving technology. >> terrific story, the family calls it a miracle. amazing recovery of a young man who was a coma. we told you about him in thanksgiving when he took his first steps. vic lee visited him again. >> benjamin has been going through physical therapy since he came home from the hospital. 21-year-old says he is doing
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fine for the most part. >> judge forward a little bit. >> jump forward? >> his physical therapist his quick recovery is remarkable even though he has approximate with cognitive functions. >> problem solving. >> different events, daily activities and that kind of thing. it's probably the most difficult. >> watching the young man doing this is amazing. he just came out of a coma about a month ago, he was shot in the head after the weekend after halloween. police later arrested a man who has been charged with four counts of attempted murder. they say hessa was shot at fort mason after he tried to prevent him to make unwanted vantsz toward his girlfriend. his doctors gave him 25% chance of survival. w we first saw him he uttered his first words to his mother.
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>> i went in there and i told him to say hi, mom, he said hi, mom. that brought me to tears. >> on that date we also witnessed the young man take his first steps since coming out of the coma. >> it's a miracle, what he went through and what we understood the injury, you don't survive. >> benjamin has to wear a helmet because of a portion of his skull is still missing. they will fuse that part next summer. his memory is coming back. he remembers what happened at the party but nothing after that when the attack happened. >> i took pictures of my girlfriend on my phone. i looked at those pictures again i remembered what happened and stuff like that. but for the most part i don't remember anything from that point on. >> for benjamin every step he takes is a small but significant victory.
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>> larry: just being a able to go home for christmas and feel hell that is great gift. moving on to the forecast now, sandhya patel is here, freezing cold this morning and more of the same coming. >> my gift to you is you'll freeze tonight and rain on you as we head into the next couple days. you want to talk cold. check out this picture from heavenly camera. they are making snow up in tahoe. tahoe airport is 22 degrees. get a load of this. windchill factor, 16 when you combine it with a southerly wind of 5 miles an hour. it is cold up there. they'll be getting more snow up there. we're talking about several feet of snow coming over the next couple of days. here is a look at live doppler 7-hd. we do have clear skies across the bay area. we will be watching for a storm that will be developing this morning. it was cold enough we had a few records to talk about. oakland airport 32 degrees and
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salinas came in at 30 degrees shattering a previous record of 31 back in 2006. it's already below freezing, fairfield 31 degrees. 35 in santa rosa. 36 in los gatos. we are headed toward another freezing cold night with morning frost. rain in the north bay and we're looking at wet and windy conditions as we head into friday. tomorrow morning, make sure you bundle up. it is going to get down to 26 degrees in fairfield. 28 degrees in livermore. 30 in vallejo. down to 28 in santa rosa. low 30s for fremont, mid 30s around san jose. definitely cold. you'll see the frosty lawns out there. 42 degrees in san francisco. this will be the last of the frigid cold nights. we have a slow moving storm and clouds coming in the temperatures will be hemmed up the next couple 6 days. this will be very slow mover.
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let me show you the computer animation, 1:00 p.m., just some clouds approaching the north bay. by 5:00 p.m. the rain line is north of santa rosa and around ukiah area, as we head into the overnight hours, friday morning, we start to get some rain. computer models are backing off on the intensity of the storm. we're still going with light to moderate rain at friday morning. 9:00 a.m. the front is moving through. we have just scattered showers behind it. at times it may be briefly on the moderate side. by 2:00 a.m. saturday, another band of heavier rain moving in. could see snow around lake county. that is the indication, cold nature of the storm once again. saturday afternoon, we'll start to see sun. rainfall totals, up to 5 inches in the north bay mountains. santa cruz up to 3 inches and less across the rest of the bay area. wind will be picking go up ahead
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of storm so thursday, gusty winds up to 50. you combine with it the rain you could see downed trees and power lines. be careful out there. winter storm watch is going up friday morning through sunday morning for the sierra nevada above 4,000, two to five feet of snow. there may be possible travel delays. afternoon highs, thursday, upper 30s to upper 40s. mostly sunny and cloud cover increasing. rain will arrive by evening. seven-n-day forecast, wet and windy friday, more rain tapering to showers saturday into sunday. early monday which is christmas eve morning we may see a few drops, don't worry, santa will be fine christmas eve and christmas day. it will be dry. >> larry: a few days of cold and rain but christmas is good. >> that is what counts, right? >> we don't have a choice. going out in style, coming up
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survivalists say the bunkers will save them from the end of world. seven-day forecast a little irrelevant. tallest building in thef @
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>> larry: you don't have to be a structural engineer to know its tricky operations. photographs of a crews hosting an escalator to the 101st floor of world trade center. they hoisted up parts of spire on top of the building that will make one world trade center the tallest building in the western hemisphere. high degree of difficulty there. >> our contribution to made in america series, if you your sweet tooth is calling this holiday season. an east bay business that can answer. wayne freedman tells us, too good gourmet is made in america business with a long reach. >> jason claysed the golden fleece and he is mre reasonable he wants holiday cookie deals. >> two dollars, i thought about
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this house, packaging alone is worth more than that. >> which explains the daily frenzy at too good gourmet. it's a fantasy land of the bright, cheerful the tasty the obsessed. >> we came saturday and came sunday and monday. >> merry christmas. >> blame it all on the marketing instincts of jennifer finley. one with the cookies on her desk. >> it begin really trying to do one better than the animal cracker. >> its sweeflt tooth twist. it was big corporate brands and started a cookie company because she wanted something to market and sell. just go for it. see if it works and be willing and try again and fail again and try again. >> the concept, tasty cookies was irresistible house created
9:27 pm
packaging. >> i think people are impulsive. they see something they like and they want to buy it. >> not that they always see eye to eye. [ laughter ] >> not when a company turns out quarter of a million cookies every single day. >> the u.s. wants to buy u.s. food, shipping to japan, taiwan and we have to increase the made in u.s.a. symbol. >> so too good gourmet, a little sugar, spice, flour and a boss that works the way some of us eat cookies. >> she never stops. >> sorry. >> can't help yourself. >> i can't. >> and cookies keep coming. wayne freedman, "abc 7 news." i bet you are hungry now.
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south korea has elected first female leader in more than a thousand years. we'll hear from a bay area man. and president obama promising swift action in the aftermath of the connecticut school tragedy. a solution that involves more than just gun control. >> tis the season to write letters to santa and the president. you may be
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>> larry: good evening, president obama says words need to lead to action. he is putting gun control on the top of his agenda. the story from mark matthews. >> reporter: the president started by saying this task force will produce change. >> this is not something where
9:32 pm
folks are going to be studying the issue for six months and publishing a report that gets read and pushed aside. >> reporter: the president wants congress to vote early next year on an assault weapons ban, a ban on high capacity ammunition clips and closing the gun show loophole so all will be subject to background checks. he wants recommendations that go beyond gun control. >> we need to look more klees closely at culture that glorifies guns and violence. and any actions we must take must begin inside the home. >> president is counting on this moment of heightened public awareness to shift the gun control debate. >> for this past week has done anything, it should give us perspective. his announcement from gun control advocates. her husband was killed in a mass shooting and she says the president is providing
9:33 pm
leadership. >> we will follow the president's advice and all the things to keep us safe. >> and barbara boxer. >> whoever said this is not the right time, i say this -- when is the right time? >> and house minority leader nancy pelosi. >> it's very complicated but we can get the job done. >> since the shooting on friday, the leading gun rights organizations, nra has not publicly commented. but an nra news conference is scheduled for friday. president says she ready. >> the nra is an organization that has members who are mothers and fathers. >> reporter: the shooting in connecticut has set the scene for rules change with regard to gun controls. more about the depth of the debate once the national rifle association holds a news conference this friday. >> larry: man who used to be a prison guard will head up the prison system. governor brown appointed jeffrey beard to the position.
9:34 pm
he has advised the state and used to run the prison system in pennsylvania. he still needs to be confirmed by the senate. >> russian parliament voted to ban the adoption of adoption of russian children. it seeks to punish russian citizens who are accused of violateding human rights. there is couple more steps before becoming law. >> south korea has elected his first female president in thousand years. she called her victory a win for the people. some koreans were up all night watching returns. he taught her how to speak english during high school years. >> i remember she was a smart girl. she had very good grades at school. >> larry: he describes the new elected leader as active and
9:35 pm
charming lady. >> "time magazine" has revealed the 2012 person of the year and the winner is president obama. the editors say the country is in the miflt of historical and cultural and demographic changes and he is the architect of the new america. he received the honor back in 2008. as parted. feature, white house released this photo of the president pretending to be caught in spider-man's web. cute. >> and if you had a chance to talk to president obama, what would you ask him? students around the bay area are writing him letters sharing their homes for the future. education reporter lyanne melendez tells us exactly what is on their minds. >> reporter: the letters written to the president start out with a simple salutation. >> dear president obama. my name is.
9:36 pm
>> what follows is the child's vast curiosity. do you wear a suit every day? and questions even adults would like to ask. >> how do you feel about romney losing? >> the fifth graders at edison charter academy are participating in a program called mail the chief organized by handwriting without tears. the idea is to encourage students to get interested in government. >> thinking they wanted to write is fine, okay? >> the students have been particularly interested in what is happening in their communities and around the world. they are not holding back. >> are you going to deal with the approximate in egypt. >> what are you going to do about gangs? five people i know have been shot and killed. maybe start more programs to get kids out of gangs. >> despite so young, they are not afraid to share their hope
9:37 pm
for the future. >> dear president barack obama, do you think, do you want to animals and endangered species? >> i think you should give more money to schools and give more education. >> if you think about it. this is the generation that is going to be taking care of us. it's really important that they understand and have a world and feel like they can make a difference. >> natalia want to know how higher taxes will impact her family? >> my mom has to pay a lot of money. >> first graders at this school are writing their own letters with a few simple requests for the president. as president you should wear jeans. >> the letters will be mailed out before the holidays and
9:38 pm
while students know the president is pretty busy. they do expect home to respond. >> please take your time to write back. i think you have have a big impact on our country. >> sealed, signed and soon to be delivered. in san francisco, lyanne melendez, "abc 7 news". >> larry: those kids are adorable. moving on two days before the scheduled end of the world, underground bunkers are selling like hot cakes. i'm going, who is with
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we have liftoff of soyuz
9:42 pm
spacecraft. launched from russia today. they will travel for two days in the capsule before docking with the space station where three other astronauts are already on board. >> as you no doubt know, mayan prophesy predicts the world will end on friday. this people are taking it serious and some are hunkering down for doomsday inside their extreme bunkers. >> in a warehouse east of l.a. they are busy building for doomsday. >> this is it. >> this is the atlas survival shelter the ultimate man cave but it doesn't go anywhere. it is built to be buried deep under ground. >> last year it was one a month. then it went one a week. then since december it went one a day. >> this is one of a growing number of companies catering to
9:43 pm
catastrophe, selling real estate to hundred thousand to millions of dollars. >> this is going to protect against any kind of attack, tornadoes. >> it's definitely helped business that an ancient mayan prophesy predicts may mark some sort of global expiration date. >> it appears on december 21 of 2012. he descends and he performs a ritual. >> lots of people are now projecting modern anxieties under that ancient mayan date. financial system may collapse with the global warming. or solar flares or an act of terrorism may take out the electrical grid. >> people it may look like the recent movie, the road. >> doomsday prepping is such a fad there are popular reality shows based on it.
9:44 pm
some are not so negative about the mayan prophesy. we met an astrologer she will be praying to her crystal skull. she believes this will mark the dawn of a new enlightened age. >> just in case, i feel really silly, nice shelter under ground and i wasn't in it come december 21. >> right after that, he plans to come back to l.a. to build more. all right. in the meantime, survey by the online dating service reveals 93% of americans the world will not come to the end on december 21. get out there and start dating. 25% say they are buying survival gear in case. only 35% would max out the credit cards even if they
9:45 pm
thought the end of the world was near and only 1% would tell the boss. just ahead, blues i can has
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radio station that started in a closet. now it's a community favorite and getting bigger. the story from don sanchez. this is radio sausalito. 1610 am with jazz 24/7. ♪ >> and community shows. this event is opened to families and children of all ages. >> it existed because i found that people want to be talked to as a community radio station.
9:49 pm
they want to have a relationship with hearing it on the radio. >> it begin 12 years ago when he installed a transmitter he made in high school in his apartment. >> i put out the air so i could hear jazz when i was in the kitchen. >> neighbors could pick it up, too. now there are 20 volunteers, big band musician joe argo is the director. >> we change our style. >> they do a show about new orleans. >> here on radio, we're going to celebrate are. >> we hope you will enjoy the tasty bit of music. >> there is political show. >> what i try do is take complicated issues and boil them down for busy people. >> manipulate el does a show called field trip. >> especially from the theater community, they really like it. >> the studios are now in the basement of a stunning victorian
9:50 pm
restored. >> it's a great relationship we have here. >> with low power the audience is limited and it's confined right here to sausalito because the station operates on less than one watt of power. he has bigger dreams but that relies on listener generosity. >> larry: one last check of the weather. let's go to sandhya with the arctic forecast. [ laughter ] >> it's going to be frigid, so i guess you can call it arctic. frosty lawns and as you look at live doppler 7 hd. it's clear and dry and some of the temperatures are falling quickly. tomorrow they will be on the cold side especially up in the northern california area. winter storm warnings are going and travel plans, snow in the mountains and 50 in chico and winter storm warnings. 44 in yosemite.
9:51 pm
sunshine down to los angeles and san diego. low to mid-60s. here in the bay area, rain arrives first in the far northern end of our viewing area. it's in santa rosa area by evening tomorrow afternoon. to the upper 40s to upper 50s. here is the seven-day forecast. you will be happy to know tomorrow will be the coldest of the next seven days. we'll go with the milder forecast in terms of the overnight readings and rainy pattern through monday and christmas day. >> a man who laughs at this is cold, santa, he was here but he was here by sea plane. that is what brought santa to a north bay town. >> it's a awfully long way from the north pole. >> sounds like shu. santa made a smooth landing. brought a big bag of books and toys. they are performing stars of
9:52 pm
marin program that helps low income kids in the arts. where were you this afternoon? >> same color hair, i'll say that. >> 49ers and seahawks will battle for the title. we have a preview.
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coming up tonight at 11:00, we don't to follow the breaking news out of san mateo where a neighborhood has been evacuated after volatile materials have been discovered. con artists, animal lovers, new angles you need to be on the look out for. mike shumann, warriors go up to sacramento and lose to last place team. >> twice they have lost to the kings. larry metzer with a franchise record, took a few days off, he hit the road to face the kings in sacramento.
9:56 pm
plenty of warrior fans made the trip. he continued his hot play. passed the ball to lee will go to the distance. he had 29 points and eight boards. king, playing well. jim to jason thompson with a monster jam. sacramento up eight at the break. warriors are ahead 13 points. scref curry, 3-pointer. gave them the lead but fouled out with 32 points and kings pulled away with curry on the bench. marcus jordan drained the three. kings beat the warriors for the second time this season. and niners can clinch sunday night with a win in seattle. this could be a big game, coming off the criam with the patriots. 49er defense will have their hands full with russell wilson but more importantly with marshawn lynch. he takes the pressure off with the offense.
9:57 pm
they call him the beast. it will take a team effort to bring him down to earth. >> it is low gallery and it takes more than one person to bring him down. and as a defense, we have one person that makes the play but we never do. >> raiders travel to the carolina, this entire team is audition mode. general manager, head coach will be evaluating the next few weeks but also realize it takes a few weeks to get everybody on the same page on both sides of ball. >> any time you get an entire new staff it will take time to figure things out and get comfortable. you can't let that frustrate you. good or bad plays, it's a chance to learn and figure out how to get better.
9:58 pm
>> stanford coach, long term contract extension and four-year deal. stanford, like his predecessor jim harbaugh. terms were not released by the school but back-to-back wins. they will take them to the rose bowl and he says it's his dream job and he is there as long as a they will have them. >> now badger coach and let i can director will coach wisconsin in the rose bowl. cal head coach linebacker coach, defensive coordinator, boo is a coordinate earned a he knows west coast football. stanford women in match-up. leading waited for stanford the hoop and foul. had a game high of 21 points.
9:59 pm
stanford up, tied at 45 and under a minute to go and taylor drives and will get the friendly shooter's role. stanford improves and colin kaepernick player of the week. he led five weeks and sara is a big fan breaking out her cap rap. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪


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